One feature of your house that does not get a lot of attention is your driveway. However, they are very crucial when improving your curb appeal. One of the first things people see when they pass by your house is your driveway. Because of this, an unmaintained or damaged concrete driveway is a huge blow to the value of your house.  

 You probably use your driveway every day. However, overusing your driveway can lead to all types of damages. Because of this, it is crucial to maintain your driveway regularly. Aside from hiring a professional concrete contractor to fix cracks and damages, here are a couple of things you should consider: 

Weather Conditions 

Your driveway is located outside. Thus, it’s always exposed to all types of weather conditions. When it rains, the water can wear down the seal of your driveway if it stays on the surface. If you ignore this, moisture will eventually leak inside the concrete. This can cause major damages.  

Aside from that, the sun can also damage driveways. The harmful UV rays of the sun can break down components in the concrete. This can lead to small cracks and hairline fractures.  

By regularly reapplying a sealer to your driveway, you can lower the damage caused by weather conditions. This additional protection layer acts as a shield against the elements. As a rule of thumb, you’ve got to reseal your driveway every 24 months.  

Heavy Loads 

A properly installed driveway can handle a huge amount of weight. However, this does not mean they aren’t vulnerable. Heavy cars, such as garbage trucks and delivery trucks, place excessive weight and stress on your driveway. This can damage the concrete. Breaks, potholes, and cracks are typically caused by heavy loads.  

You should ask a professional concrete contractor about the load-bearing capacity of your driveway. The capacity can vary. This depends on the concrete’s strength. They will tell you what cars can and can’t stay on your driveway for a long time. If you’ve got heavy cars, it is ideal to park them in another parking space or on the street.  

Improper Installation 

Concrete driveways are vulnerable to cracks. This is especially true if they are installed incorrectly. A lot of factors can influence the process of concrete installation. The contractor might use a low-quality material or the foundation might not be properly packed. Both these reasons can lead to a weak concrete driveway. Because of this, your driveway can be prone to cracking.  

The contractor may have also combined too much water in the process. If you add water, concrete will be easy to pour. Unfortunately, it can affect the strength of the concrete if you pour more water than required.  

Because of this, it is ideal to look around for a reliable driveway contractor. Research thoroughly every provider to guarantee their services are satisfactory. You can search up customer testimonials online or ask acquaintances and friends who have worked with a professional concrete contractor before. With this, you can avoid improper installation.